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Hannah Bruiser Haines

Hi, I'm Bruiser. With new changes to our event this year also comes new changes to our lead duties. This year I am stepping up to take over the amazing work that Nurse has been doing for the past 18 years. I have been involved with decomp for 8 years and have taken charge of many roles so I am extra excited to step into this major lead position and continue to make our event as magical as ever. On top of being the event lead, I also run a theme camp that will be attending both the regional and decompression. I am loud and lovable.

favorite principal: PARTICIPATION!

5 big burns

12 regional burns

contact info: or find me on facebook

Sam Wilson


Hi everyone, my name is Sam and I'm your:

FIRE LEAD- Just like most of you, I like to watch stuff born. I like to make sure that we do it safely. I check all fire effects from the burn barrels to the propane art. If this is something that you would like to volunteer to help with. I look forward to seeing you on the playa.

CONCLAVE LEAD- Some of us, love to play with fire. I like to provide a safe place, for all of the fire performers that love to share there fire art for are effigy burn. I make sure that all of them are safe, and have a safe place to do so around are effigy. If this sounds like something you'd like to do, I could Always use volunteers.

SAFETY LEAD- With all of the amazing art and themed camps that you all contribute, to make this a great and interactive place to be. I like to make sure that it is safe for all. Because we all don't want to see your art destroyed or blowing away.

LEAD SECURITY CONTACT- I make sure that the security team we have are friendly, approachable, and are visible. They can Always use volunteers to help.

Ryan "Cowboy"

DESCRIPTION: 6' 2", 210 lbs, hair- brown, eyes- blue ASSOCIATION: Department of Public Works RECORD: Building and burning shit since 2000, and having a gas doing it.Shedding blood, sweat, and jeers in the name of Communal Effort, steeped in Do-ocracy, and driven by the need for MORE ART~MORE FIRE your DPW leader works hard, plays hard, and needs partners in crime. A set of tools with a set of skills is a bonus, but not a requisite- as long as you're willing to work, we'll play too. Gathering cords of wood for our fire barrels is in the near future. Other duties will be hauling equipment to the event, posting signage, distribution of barrels and wood, and erecting Center Camp at the event, etc.

If you don't enjoy hard work, free hugs, and a sense of accomplishment, then enjoy Coachella and don't bother me. If you DO... find me. Let's get dirty.

Hannah "Banana Pants"

Potties/Kid Camp/Path Lighters/Decomp Outreach Day

Contact: Facebook: Hannah Wynner Text: 208.703.4888

I have been attending Idaho Decompression since 2013 and I have been hooked since! My first big burn was in 2019 and it was everything I NEVER expected it to be. I will be the lead of the brand new pathlighters department bringing light to our regional. We will be also heading up the wayfinding department crafting street and informational signs. You will usually find me at greeters or kid camp partyin it up! I cannot wait for us to create something beautiful! I will need a lot of volunteers to get pathlighters off the ground so get in touch however works best for you! All my contact information is above this bio.

Robert, AKA Just Some Clown

Robert has been a Decomp fixture since 2006. He has performed many roles during that time, and currently leads the sound camps and helps with grants and placement for both art and theme camps. Robert is also responsible for Bohemia, an adult sound and theme camp. You will usually find him there at Char.

Mishi or Bubbles

Volunteer Coordinator, Budgets, Gate and more!

I've been volunteering with Idaho Decompression in many roles since 2016 and I’m excited for 2020!

I love TTITD and going to as many regionals as I can each year. I feel the 10 Principles help guide our way. With CHAR and deCompI’m excited to help introduce this ethos to Idaho and watch it grow!

Volunteers are critical to our success and we need our community involved. Without people giving the gift of their time, we wouldn't have these wonderful memories. I encourage everyone wanting to get involved and gain new experiences reach out to me or find us on Facebook. I’m happy to get you going in the right direction. Mishi


Jen Browning has been helping with Idaho Decompression since 2011 in various positions such as Greeters, Volunteer Coordinator, Meds/Mental Health, and the Regional Leads Exchange Program with Oregon and Montana. She has attended Burning man in 2009, 2011, 2012, 2018 and 2019 and has also been a participant at E-11 in Utah, Soak in Oregon, and Montopia in Montana. She has a passion for coming along side those in our community who are struggling and offering encouragement. Jen also prides herself on being an amazing mom to her little burners.

Nick Kraft

Greeter Lead

Nick first came to decomp in 2015. An instant fan, Nick was drawn to the ten principals. Especially inclusion, self expression, and self reliance. Wanting to be helpful and involved, Nick jumped right in, helped set up the man, and (unofficially) greeted his first year. Nick left feeling accepted, confidant, and ready to face the "real world" with a whole new perspective on life.

Realizing the impact it had in his own life, Nick decided he wanted to become more involved, and wanted others to be able to experience deCOMP at it best... And what better way to set the tone than greeting? As a greeter you get to be one of people's first experiences! Fun costumes, bright colors, tons of hugs, and the occasional consensual spanking... deCOMP virgin or seasoned vet, Nick is here to help you find a place as a greeter! Nick can usually be found wandering around the Meadow before most people wake up, or volunteering as a greater, in hot pink fishnets, glitter, and too much gold spandex!


Security and Man Build

I’ve worked security at deCOMP for nearly a decade. I started in 2010. Security isn’t out to bust you for trying to have a good time, we just want you to be safe at your fun time. I've worked many events other then deCOMP, but it's my favorite event to work.

2019 is the year I take on building our man to burn at deCOMP. I have some plans and am looking for volunteers to help before and during the event.


We have a great team working on the new generation of Security staff. So if u have a good attitude you might have a chance to be on our team. Contact me at


Race: Human

Class: Ranger

Level: 32

Height: 5' 11"

HP: 180

Alignment: Neutral Good

Background: This will be my 5th year volunteering and attending Idaho Regional DeCompression. I grew up in Lander, Wy. I'm the liaison for the 2017 temple project.

Features and Abilities: What O-TOP imagines I help to make reality...and then burn it! If you are interested in volunteering with the temple project, please contact me. We look forward to, "The Tree of Wisdom," in 2017. I volunteer at gate and have participated in a few art projects with O-TOP. Radical Self Reliance is my thing and Leave No Trace is my way of life. If you need help with anything I'm your guy, or I can point you in the right direction.


H.B.I.C., Gate Hotties

Meet nurSe. Also known as Jessica in the default world. nurSe has been involved with deCOMP since 2002. She’s volunteered countless hours over the last 17 years making sure deCOMP runs as smoothly and ten-principally as possible. A virgin on the playa in 1999, nurSe has gained years of experience in Burningman related shenanigans and combined with her uncanny ability to be super bossy, has helped create a fine team of leads that all work together to bring you the event you see today. nurSe has been known for delivering motivational speeches on her megaphone in the early hours of sunrise and doesn’t bat an eye when tornadoes strike in the heart of deCOMP and domes go flying. She has been seen rocking high heels in the sand and snuggling her chickens. She speaks bribe and doesn’t believe in VIP.

nurSe is on the Gate Hottie lead team with BeeBop, Mishi and Shorty. The gate is the entry point into Idaho Decompression and is where all the business gets done. The gate is responsible for getting each participant into the event legally and efficiently while running traffic control. Volunteers who work gate must be responsible, accountable, and sober for the entirety of their shift. Gate shifts are a short 4 hours each and volunteers are lucky enough to work with security for the duration.

Ash "R2-D2"

Meet Ash, also known as R2-D2! She started her Greeting career 5 years ago at her first deCOMP (debuting as R2-D2), and has been hooked ever since. She dived into the community with all hands on deck! She loves volunteering for the amazing events the various members of the community put on each year, and is eager to learn new skills and spread creativity wherever she can. She is currently a crew member of The Colossal Collective, a local group of artists who build glorious macro-puppet art pieces. Their big project this year was the dapper praying mantis by the name of Mr. Berry Roe Mantis. Ash is a self-proclaimed nerd who enjoys many aspects of various universes, far and wide.

Her bubbly personality and desire to meet and make as many new friends as possible, make greeting the perfect place for her! The Principles are crucial to her, and she believes that "Radical Inclusion" should be one of the first encounters one experiences when entering deCOMP. She is very enthusiastic about that having that role, and loves bringing others into it. She will help anyone who is interested in greeting discover their signature way of doing so. This opportunity is great for extroverts and introverts alike, so don't let any doubts stop you from testing the waters and being one of the smiling faces that welcomes others to their new home!

Connie "just Connie"

Treasurer, Idaho Burners Alliance

Connie is the money honey who takes your cash and turns it into gold, or toilet paper, which is actually more valuable than gold. Having been in the Burner scene for 10 years, she has nearly perfected the arts of cat herding and union breaks.

Because her hands are in everything, Connie can probably answer any question you might have about DeCOMP operations, or she will find the answer for you.

Connie is a big believer in Do-ocracy and the Ten Principles of Burning Man. Her role is mostly singular but if you are particularly fond of spreadsheets and have crazy organization and follow through skills, she may have a job for you.


Hi my name is Nick I've been part of the burner Community for 8 years helping with projects for local events and other regionals. I'm part of D.P.W and staff kitchen.


Let's talk about how much we love burning man events! Hi I've been going to regional burns for 3 years now and idaho decompression was my first introduction to the burner community in 2017.  I have to say boy was it a eye opener! I've only grown to love the burner community more and more. 2019 was my first burn and it was one of the best experiences of my life! I'm a  gate  lead and try to volunteer where ever else I'm needed.  I've have grown and made life long friends in our amazing community!

Tim Burr

Tim Burr has been helping out (in one capacity or another) at Idaho DeComp ever since he first started coming in 2014. He camps with the Mighty Misfits at TTITD, where he builds stuff, parties hard, and fixes more bicycles than he destroys. Tim is pretty shy, but you can usually get him talking about tabletop games, speculative fiction, or the Bronze Age Collapse.