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Theme Camps, Sound Camps and Artists

are what makes our events a success!

How will YOU participate?

Art and Noise grant applications are now open for this year's events! 

THEME CAMPS and SOUND CAMPS get extra love and special placement with early entry. Placement applications are now open - click here to apply. Create the environment you want to share with your community. Inspire an inviting space and encourage folks to share it with you. If you plan to use amplified sound in your camp, you are a SOUND CAMP and must submit an application so that we can place you appropriately.

ARTISTS - Art is the key part of Burning Man and we would like it to be a major part of CHAR and Idaho Decompression. While we are a small community, we STRONGLY encourage artists to create. Artists are amazing and we love you long time. Wanna bring and display your art?? 

We generously grant to artists in order to help them bring their creations to life. Follow this link to apply.

BURNING ART - If you want to burn your art, you need to talk to You must also have a Plan B for the destruction or disposal of your burnable art in case the burn ban is in effect during the event. 

WHAT-WHEN-WHERE - Get people excited about your events and camps by adding to our WWW guide distributed upon arrival at the gate. Have a workshop, performance, game or event you want everyone to know about??? We can add it to the WWW event guide!

CENTER CAMP - This is the place to hold a workshop, host a dance class, show off your performance art, gather together in a central spot and do something cool. We will have some electricity available and are always looking for coffee bar hosts! Contact to schedule your event or with questions.

FIRE SPINNERS - if you would like to join the official fire conclave email

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