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Parent/Guardian Reference Guide

Welcome to CHAR and Idaho Decompression!

There are some important things you need to know about having kids (under 18) at CHAR and Idaho Decompression. We’ve combined them here for your reference. Please be sure to read this so you are aware of the policies and procedures we have in place as they apply to kids.

Applicable sections of the Participant Code of Conduct for kids: Children under 18 years of age can attend the regional burn event only accompanied at all times by a parent, legal guardian, or other responsible party; any persons bringing a child to the event agrees on behalf of the child to the contractual terms of the ticket and acknowledges that they have made a choice that the child may be exposed to expressive activities and dress at the event. CHAR and Idaho Decompression have a zero tolerance policy for unaccompanied children. Both parents/guardians and children will be evicted from the event grounds should an unaccompanied child be found. This applies regardless whether the child is lost or missing.

You may be wondering:

● Can I arrange for another adult to be responsible for my child so I can have the afternoon off to enjoy some adult activities at the event?

○ Yes - you’re welcome to make arrangements with another responsible, attentive adult to watch your child, but the child must not be left unattended.

● Can I leave my child asleep in camp so I can dance the night away at the sound camps?

○ This is up to you. If your child happens to wake up & is wandering around the festival in the middle of the night looking for you, you both may be evicted


● Can my child go to the porta potty by themselves?

○ Yes, if your camp is close enough to the porta potty so that you can SEE them walking directly to the portos & back. If your camp isn’t close to a porta potty, we recommend accompanying your child so they don’t get distracted and end up wandering around the festival unaccompanied which may result in eviction.

● What happens if my child becomes lost?

○ You must alert Security immediately upon realizing that your child is lost. Security will ask you a set of questions to identify your child and will radio the information in at once. A lost child will trigger an emergency response. The gate and exit roads will be closed and every available person will begin to look for your child. If it is immediately apparent that your child is in danger, law enforcement will immediately be notified. As well, law enforcement will be notified in a non-dangerous situation if the child has not been located within 30 minutes. Once the child is located, the child will be released back to you once authorized by the Incident Command Person and/or law enforcement and the lost child incident will be considered over. Depending on the circumstances relating to the lost child incident, both of you may be evicted from the event.

● What if my child isn’t lost, but is found wandering the festival alone or with a group of unsupervised kids?

○ A found child doesn’t trigger the same emergency response that a lost child does. However, Security will be notified and the search will begin for you. Once you are found and reunited with your child, you both may be evicted.

CHAR has created a Red Light District that is strictly for those 18 and over with much adult content. So that adults may play without worrying about your children. Please keep them out of this area. This is your responsibility. This area is easily identifiable on the map.

Should you have any further questions, you’re welcome to discuss them with the Lead Staff Members on Duty. Any Security member will be able to radio for Lead Staff Members on Duty should you need to talk with them. 

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